The Power of Thank You

“Thank You” are two words which when used sincerely can be powerful. When someone says “thank you” to us it means that they appreciate something that we have done, whether that be big or small. Conversely, when someone doesn’t say thank you I think it means that are either rude, taking our action for granted or both.

Being disabled and a commuter to work, I particularly appreciated a bus driver who was very considerate; pulling in perfectly to the curb to make getting on-and-off the bus easy. After several bus trips with this individual I came to know it was his consistent behaviour. So I wrote an email of gratitude and sent it to his employer.

The response I got was quite good in itself. Another staff member responded, thanking me for taking the time to give praise … it seems that most commuters only ever complain. We should be equally quick to praise as we are to complain. (And to be honest, I’m quicker at complaining myself…something to work on). I was told the driver was going to be given an award or certificate of gratitude.

Since that day, I have seen that bus driver many times, and now I get GOLD service from him. In the last few days – even as he has been driving a different bus and I have been waiting at the stop, each time we wave and smile to each other as he drives past. A little bit of gratitude can go a long way. A stranger can become a friend (* remember stranger danger still applies).

Being a Christian, I ascribe credit to every blessing as originating from God. Sometimes other people are involved, and they deserve to be thanked too. Living in a “first-world country” means that I have an incredible amount to be thankful for:

Even just this morning I have food to fill my belly and coffee to aid in the waking process. I am warm because I am in a house (and an incredibly big house by most of the world’s standards) and have ample clothing. I have electricity to light up the darkness and power my computer. I can read and write and use a computer fluently. In a short time I will have a hot shower in clean water and dress for work. I will then go outside knowing that I should be safe and catch reliable public transport. After today is over I will enjoy the blessing of a weekend in which I don’t have to work.

There are so many things to be thankful for.

We are each responsible for influencing our community; let’s make a positive influence.