I’ve written before about the importance of knowing how you write most effectively.

As I described in more detail, if I’m going to have a good day of writing then I need to get going early and avoid distractions. If I allow myself to become distracted by other activities  then it will ruin my productivity for the whole day. Distraction to me isn’t like a faucet that can be turned on and off;  it’s like a dam breach. Once water starts to come through the crack it’s only going to get worse.

This happened at the start of the week: a lack of discipline turned a free day where I could conceivably produce 3,000 words to a day where I got virtually none. 😦 It’s depressing to know that the free day I just wasted (and didn’t even enjoy) is the equivalent of about two weeks of after-work writing.

Be smarter than me: invest your time wisely, guard your writing disciplines.