The Eye of the World Review

This is my aspiring author’s critical examination of the late Robert Jordan’s Eye of the World. My goal is to analyse the novel to see how Robert Jordan has created this story; what works, and what doesn’t. I have massive respect for Jordan.

Important caveats:

  1. Robert Jordan was a professional, backed by a team of skillful professionals at Tor. I am an amateur; and all thoughts and opinions should be weighted accordingly.
  2. Our writing styles are different; that doesn’t mean one is better than the other – just different (see point 1).
  3. Our genres are different. Robert Jordan is very much EPIC fantasy (travelogue, heavy on description), whereas I’ve discovered my writing in comparison is more adventure fantasy, if that tag can be applied loosely. My writing has more pace and less depth.
  4. The Eye of the World was first published in 1990. That’s 27 years ago and standards and styles change over time. (e.g. the beginning of the Lord of the Rings)
  5. This will contain vast amounts of spoilers; be warned.
  6. It is my opinion; feel free to agree or disagree. (I’m interested in hear how your opinion might differ).
  7. I’m not sure at what age group this book was initially targeted. By the age of the protagonists, I suspect perhaps Young Adult. I do not squeeze into that demographic by any means of contortion.
  8. I’ve read (most of) this series before (2-3 times). That means my perspective is polluted: I know what is going to happen, which is both good and bad. I will see things a first-time-through reader might miss, but I also can’t evaluate how much of a surprise or plot twist things are because I know they’re coming.

Review Installments

  1. The prologue
  2. The hook, characters and world-building (chapter 1),
  3. Describing characters and authentic in-world dialogue (chapter 2) with an addendum
  4. Character perspectives and how to teach reader’s about the fantasy-world (chapter 3)
  5. The role and character of Thom Merrilin (chapter 4).
  6. Rand’s Origin Story (chapter 5)
  7. Pressure and Intrigue (chapter 6)

Got thoughts?

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