Learning to Write

  • New authors should have a maximum of three character view points. (Normally less for Young Adult fiction).

About your character

  • From personal experience you need to define what motivates your characters well. Motivations can/should be:
    • noble and ignoble
    • a source of strength or weakness
    • consistent, but need not be absolute
    • plot-worthy and comprehensible
  • Characters should have flaws and or handicaps (there is a difference) which allow the character to grow, and the villain to antagonize them; all to create conflict. (more).
  • Villains should have motivations which are understandable and should be competent (to make them likable). A hero is one who overcomes their internal problems, a villain is one who succumbs to them. (more)



  • There are two types of heroes and protagonists: an every-man hero and a superman hero. (post)