Writing Tools

This is an index page for writing tools, where I will write about the tools that I use for writing, share some of my templates and give some software-use tips. (This isn’t about learning to write but what tools to I use when doing it).


  • I use Microsoft Excel to do my outlining by placing the story line by-character like a series of sticky notes. I also use this spreadsheet to keep track of the reduction in words while revising.The Rebel Queen Plotline

World Building

  • I use Microsoft OneNote for writing my Story Bibles because of how I can structure the content and then easily search it.
  • Other people find that WikidPad is the best for them. I like it, but I find OneNote more aesthetically pleasing.
  • I haven’t personally used it but for character names you could use the Everchanging Book of Names which can generate authentic names (shareware).


  • I use Microsoft Word to write and have developed a macro which helps me to quick save my writing (adding datestamping and moving the older files to an archive).
  • I use a several Excel workbooks to help organise my writing: planning my writing time.


  • I made available a Microsoft Excel template which I use for updating my progress panel.

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